Month: October 2016

Outrageous Openness Book Recommendation- trusting the universe to help guide you on your life path

Outrageous Openness: A Great Book On Trusting the Universe

I read Outrageous Openness last year, but I keep talking about it and I keep coming back to it.  This well-written, compelling book encourages its readers to trust in the divine (whatever “divine” may mean to each individual).  Outrageous Openness is a compilation of instances where the author did exactly that and the amazing way that events […]

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All About the Root Chakra: Meaning, Balancing, Asanas, Meditations, and Mantra

Root Chakra: Finding Balance: meaning, meditations, balancing, mantras, mudras

When I was in Bali for Yoga Teacher Training, I saw an osteopath/energy healer.  After much discussion, she told me my root chakra was not aligned, so I needed to work on my feeling of groundedness and my comfort in my body and world.  From this revelation, I decided to learn more about the root […]

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Kaliasana: meaning, methodology, and breath-work

Kaliasana: how to do the poses, meaning, benefits, and info on the Goddess

Kaliasana is one of my favorite poses.  It’s so strong and empowering.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! About Kali Kali is the Hindu goddess of destruction, power, time, and transformation.  She is also sometimes called the Divine Mother.  She has blue or black skin and usually sticks out her tongue.  […]

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Guide to Understanding the 8 limbs of Yoga

Guide to the 8 Limbs of Yoga: Niyamas: how to incorporate them into your life

The first of the 8 limbs of yoga, the Yamas, have to do with the way we behave in the world.  The second limb are the Niyamas, which deal with the way that we that we treat ourselves; how we behave in relationship to personal actions and outlooks.  There are 5 Niyamas. Saucha is translated […]

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Natural Jute Yoga Mat Recommendation and Shop

Natural Jute Yoga Mat Recommendation

People have been asking me about my jute yoga mat, so I’ll share the secret with you! [Just so you know, below, there is an affiliate link, meaning if you click through and purchase something I will receive a commission. I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t love it!] Over the Summer, I visited a couple […]

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