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Ganesha: story, meaning and mantra

Ganesha: story, meaning, and mantra

Ganesha is one of the most popular Hindu deities.  He is also one of the most easily recognizable because he has the head of an elephant.  He is known as the Remover of Obstacles so many Ganesh devotees pray or chant to him when they are struggling but wish to succeed.  Ganesha has 4 arms and rides […]

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Shiva Shambho mantra chant as well as information on Shiva

Shiva Shambho Mantra: meaning, how-to, music, and info on the God

One of my favorite take-aways from Yoga Teacher Training was mantra.  Mantra is the yoga of sound.  There are lots of ways to use it, but this particular post is about a sort of chanted song.  Singing is so healing for every part of your being.  I love focusing my mantra energy toward Shiva, especially […]

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Kaliasana: meaning, methodology, and breath-work

Kaliasana: how to do the poses, meaning, benefits, and info on the Goddess

Kaliasana is one of my favorite poses.  It’s so strong and empowering.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! About Kali Kali is the Hindu goddess of destruction, power, time, and transformation.  She is also sometimes called the Divine Mother.  She has blue or black skin and usually sticks out her tongue.  […]

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