DIY Yoga Mat Spray | How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

DIY Yoga Mat Spray: How to recipe


I’m sorry to tell you this, but your yoga mat is probably disgusting.  Those cushiony-supportive or sticky anti-slip fibers can really hold onto a lot of bacteria, germs and general grossness.  Think about those super sweaty vinyasa classes!  And your hands and feet on the mat and later you put your face right in the same spot.  Acne and warts can come from your mat.   How can you slowly sink into a soothing savasana knowing what lurks beneath?! (the horror! lol)


DIY Yoga mat spray to the rescue!


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Ingredients and Supplies

For my first yoga mat spray, I used lemongrass essential oil.  The scent went well with the natural scent of the witch hazel.  It left a refreshing and energizing scent on my mat for my next yoga practice.

Antibacterial Essential Oil Ideas

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Each of these essential oils has antibacterial properties that can help with making your mat clean and give it a nice scent.  Choose one or make your own special blend.

How to make DIY Yoga Mat Spray

  1. Fill your bottle up 3/4 with water
  2. Add witch hazel or vinegar until it’s nearly full
  3. Add 15-20 drops of your chosen oils…voila!

How to use your spray

  1. After every practice, spritz/mist your mat with your DIY yoga mat spray
  2. Wipe your sprayed mat with a cloth to evenly coat the surface
  3. If possible, leave the mat out for 10-15 minutes to let the spray do it’s magic and let the mat dry
  4. Hang (or roll) your mat up
  5. Repeat after every practice 🙂

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