DIY Yoga Mat Strap | Take your mat on the go!

DIY Yoga mat strap: how to make a yoga mat carrier | yoga mat bag alternativeHere’s an easy way to take your yoga mat with you anywhere you go: make a DIY Yoga Mat Strap!


  • Yarn
  • Scissors

Steps for Making Your DIY Yoga Mat Strap

1.  Cut your yarn to size– I wrapped it around 2 chairs to get the strings to be about 7 feet long,

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then cut the ends so you have individual strands (I had 21 strands- 7 for each piece of the braid)

2.   Tie the ends of the strands together so all of the pieces are attached to each other.  I tied the top of the strands around a chair leg to hold them in place while I braided.  Option: wrap the yarn around your hand, starting from the side closest to the chair to make it into balls– this is a trick I learned from knitting.  As you pull, the ends will stay balled up but you can use however much you need

3.   Braid!  End to end– you’ll use the whole thing!  Tie off the end

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4.   Tie one end of the braid into a small loop– use a double knot this part needs to be strong!  Pull tight and trim the fray if you had any loose strings on the end.

5.   Pull the braided strand through the loop so that the braid makes a big loop through the small knotted loop– your yoga mat will go inside and the braid will pull on itself to hold your mat tight

6.   Repeat Steps 4 and 5 on the other side

7.   Test it out!  Roll up your mat and put one loop over each end.  You’re ready to go!

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DIY Yoga mat strap: how to make a yoga mat carrier | yoga mat bag alternative

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