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Katia Testimonials from yoga with Katiais one of the first people who have ever made me feel comfortable with yoga. She has an amazing way of meeting you where you are in your yoga journey. I also really appreciated the meditative approach to her classes so I was able to unwind both my body and mind. All in all Katia is fantastic!

-Brittany from the US


Yoga with Katia is always a beautiful experience. She’s approachable and creates a wonderful no judgement zone where you can challenge and enjoy yourself. I enjoy the ambience she creates as she manages to make the experience peaceful and spiritual, but also fun. Her love and commitment is apparent and shows in her instruction.

-Rialda from South Africa


Testimonials from yoga with Katia

Katia! Thanks so much for the wonderful yoga experience. I loved meeting on the roof and practicing. I really love the feel of your classes. I felt challenged and could feel myself getting stronger. However, it was the calming aspects that I really appreciated. I have often practiced yoga in a vigorous way and didn’t truly appreciate the breathing, meditation and relaxation sides. I felt like you did so well in teaching about those parts and incorporating everything into the classes. I hope to be close enough in the future to take part in more classes.

-Jenn from the US


I discovered yoga with Katia in Mandalay and it was wonderful! She is a great teacher, she lets everyone evolve at his own level. I was sceptic about yoga at first but she convinced my boyfriend and I of its benefits!

-Emmanuelle from Belgium


Yoga tricks with Sinead in the jungle in NicaraguaKatia is a great teacher. I learned a lot from her on and off the mat. She is very cool calm and collected. I love how she is always challenging her own personal practice. Every element of yoga shines through her.It encourages me to push myself more. Katia’s classes are well rounded and I loved all the different breathing techniques she taught us.

-Sinead from Ireland


I throughly enjoyed my classes with Katia. She is a great teacher, whose love for yoga, compassion for others and devoted practice shines through her teaching. Hopefully I’ll get to practice with you again one day 🙂

-Jayne from Australia


My very first yoga experience was with Katia. She was my former workmate in Mandalay. I am curious about joining one of her classes but then I wasn’t able to do so until one day when I felt very exhausted and thought that I need to try and explore new things that’s the time I decided to attend her class. She was so patient with me considering that I am a beginner. I enjoyed that moment and felt relieved and relaxed. More powers!

-Grace from the Philippines


Testimonials from yoga with Katia

Yoga with Katia is the right mix of magic and playfulness that will leave you feeling both blissed out and energized for the rest of the day. Her down to earth approach is welcoming to first timers and refreshing for advanced practitioners.

-Tiffany from the US


Katia is really inspirational.
I love how she lives life so fully and shares that with her students. If you’re after an inspiring, down-to-earth (and/or) heart yoga class then you’re going to love your sessions with Katia.
Thanks Katia, keep shining 🌟

-Nic from the UK

Testimonials from yoga with Katia

Thank you so much to everyone who has done yoga with me!  I appreciate your openness and energy.  I learned so much from you.  Sending lots of good vibes your way! <3



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