Outrageous Openness: A Great Book On Trusting the Universe

Outrageous Openness Book Recommendation- trusting the universe to help guide you on your life path

I read Outrageous Openness last year, but I keep talking about it and I keep coming back to it.  This well-written, compelling book encourages its readers to trust in the divine (whatever “divine” may mean to each individual).  Outrageous Openness is a compilation of instances where the author did exactly that and the amazing way that events unfolded in each circumstance.  The stories are almost eerie, like watching a magic trick, but it’s enticing.

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It was amazing to me; as I was reading this, I tried trusting in the divine to bring what I needed and avoid giving me things I thought I needed, but actually wouldn’t serve me.  It was amazing how often the person I needed to talk to would walk around a corner or how things kept popping up to solve even the smallest of problems.

Through the various stories in the book, the author weaves a thread of spirituality and wisdom.   The author has a very encouraging, warm voice.  For me, it was one of those books where I almost wanted to slow down my reading so I would have more for later.  I didn’t want it to end!

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