Shanti (Peace) Poster


The Shanti (Peace) Poster is printed with the phrase “shanti shanti shanti” with marigolds in the text.  This is matte, museum-quality poster printed on durable, archival paper.  Scroll for details.



About the Design
The Shanti (Peace) Poster was inspired by a yoga retreat I attended in Rishikesh, India. Shanti Shanti Shanti is often chanted at the end of a yoga class, meditation session, or kirtan. Shanti means peace, tranquility, calm and bliss. It’s a beautiful sanskrit word with filled with serenity. Here, it is written in marigolds, which are symbolic in Indian culture for creativity and passion. They are associated with the sun and used in many ceremonies.

About the Poster
*matte, museum-quality poster
*printed sweatshop-free in the USA
*durable, archival paper

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* 10 x 10″
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* 18 x 18″

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