Root Chakra: Finding Balance: meaning, meditations, balancing, mantras, mudras

Root Chakra: meditation, balancing, meaning, mantra, mudraWhen I was in Bali for Yoga Teacher Training, I saw an osteopath/energy healer.  After much discussion, she told me my root chakra was not aligned, so I needed to work on my feeling of groundedness and my comfort in my body and world.  From this revelation, I decided to learn more about the root chakra.

Location and Function

The root chakra is also called the Muladhara chakra or the base chakra.  It is associated with the color red.  It’s located at the base of your spine but also includes your legs and feet.  It lays the foundation for harmonizing all of the other chakras.  A balanced root chakra is responsible for a feeling of security, vitality, belonging, support, being centered, balance, and stability.  This chakra helps with that feeling, “I am enough.”  The base chakra is also associated with the Earth element.  For this reason, being in nature can help harmonize the chakra.

Gnyan Mudra for Root ChakraMantra

The mantra associated with the root chakra is LAM, meaning, “I am.”  Ideally, with this mantra, you can use the gnyan mudra by connecting your thumb and pointer finger.  Place your hands in the mudra on your knees, palm down, to add to the effect of rooting to the ground or palm up to harness new energy to help you find you balance your root chakra.


A meditation you can do for this chakraRoot chakra: location, meditation, balancing, meaning involves imagining a red light at the base of your spine and picturing the light pouring and flowing down through your legs and feet, connecting you to the Earth.  This can be done seated or laying down.


Surrounding yourself with red can also help balance this chakra.  Try wearing red clothes, eating red foods (like berries and tomatoes) or using red gems like rubies or corals.


When performing your asanas, image rooting down through your base– whatever part of you is touching the mat.  Great poses for the root chakra include Warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana 2), standing forward bend (uttanasana), mountain pose (tadasana), and head to knee pose (janu sirsasana).  In all of these poses, image the Earth is supporting you.

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Also, try grounding by walking barefoot, becoming more connected to the Earth.

In tadasana, mountain pose, try rocking side to side- almost to the point where you’re leaning so far to one side that your other leg will lift off of the ground.  Experiment with your balance and find your true center.  Try the same exercise rocking forward and backward.


Once you have a firm base rooted in your self and your root chakra, you can start to work on your other chakras as well.  More to come on chakras…

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All About the Root Chakra: Meaning, Balancing, Asanas, Meditations, and Mantra

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