Shiva Shambho Mantra: meaning, how-to, music, and info on the God

Shiva Shambho mantra chant as well as information on ShivaOne of my favorite take-aways from Yoga Teacher Training was mantra.  Mantra is the yoga of sound.  There are lots of ways to use it, but this particular post is about a sort of chanted song.  Singing is so healing for every part of your being.  I love focusing my mantra energy toward Shiva, especially in the chant, Shiva Shambho.  I like to sing it alone in my apartment even though I know the walls are thin and my neighbors can probably hear.  I also like to sing it on my motorbike with the wind rushing into my face, sweeping the words up into the universe (though I should be giving my full attention to either driving or Shiva).

About Shiva

Shiva is the transformer.  He is god of destruction and transition or transformation.  He destroys the present moment to make way for whatever is coming next.  He is also the god of yoga and is said to bring bliss.  Shiva is sometimes blue and sometimes has 4 arms.  He loves to dance.  He has a third eye on his forehead and a snake around his neck.  He wears a crescent moon on his head and the Ganga river flows from his hair.  He carries a trident and a 2-sided drum.  He rides a white bull called Nandi.  He often sits on a tiger-skin rug.


My favorite song goes like this

Shiva shiva shiva shambho

Mahadeva shambo

Shiva Shambho Mantra: lyrics, meaning, song, etc.Shiva shiva shiva shambho

Mahadeva shambo

Mahadeva shambo

Mahadeva shambo

Mahadeva shambo

Mahadeva shambo



Shiva shambho means Shiva, “the auspicious one” and acknowledges Shiva as a greater being, beyond our dimension.  This title, Shiva Shambho calls him down to us.  Maha means great, deva means God, Shambho again means auspicious one; so this second line mahadeva shambho means Great God, the auspicious one.

This recording is from us singing at yoga teacher training. I hope you will enjoy mantra as much as we do!




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3 thoughts on “Shiva Shambho Mantra: meaning, how-to, music, and info on the God

  1. So awesome!! and I love the new motor bike!!

  2. I loved the recording. As the tempo slowed, I had to stop what I was doing and just listen. Very calming. Thank you.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!! Singing along is very calming tooo. 😉 It was such a beautiful experience to sing with so many others

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