Solar Plexus Chakra: Power and Will: meaning, meditations, balancing, mantras, mudra

The solar plexus chakra is called the Manipura Chakra in Sanskrit.  This third chakra is associated with the color yellow and corresponds with action, choice, power, will and liveliness.  It’s related to your perception of who you are.  This chakra is also responsible for feelings of self-worth, ego, trust, passion, anger and guilt.  This is where your “gut feelings” come from.  Digestive functions also stem from this chakra.  The solar plexus chakra is located in the stomach area, at your navel or solar plexus.  It is associated with the element of fire.


The bij mantra that goes with this chakra is “rung” or “ram.”  Chanting this mantra can help awaken and ignite the solar plexus chakra.  If you prefer English, you can also chant the affirmation, “I can” or “I do,” either aloud or consciously silently.


As you chant the mantra, you can also try the hakini mudra.  Bring the tips of all 5 fingers to touch, with the thumb and pinkie fingers nearly in line with each other.  Hold the mudra in front of your solar plexus as you chant the bij mantra or meditate.  Alternatively, try the rudra mudra, with your pointer and ring finger curled in to meet your thumb and your pinkie and middle finger extended.


If you solar plexus chakra is properly balanced, you will feel self-confident and secure.  You feel at peace with yourself, your emotions, and your surroundings.  You will feel at home in your place in the universe.  If this chakra is imbalanced with a deficiency, it can lead to weaknesses like indecision, sensitivity to criticism and susceptibility.  On the other hand, an excessive imbalance can lead to anger, competitiveness, and dominating tendencies.  You may not feel like you have control over your emotions if your manipura chakra is imbalanced.


The best yoga poses for this chakra fire up the belly/core.  Some examples are poses like boat (navasana) and bow (dhanurasana).


Yellow foods (eg lentils, bell peppers, yellow pears or apples), yellow crystals or stones (eg amber or citrine), and scents (eg lemon or chamomile) can also help balance this chakra.


For a solar plexus meditation, imagine a bright yellow light or fire (the manipura element) burning in your belly.  Think of that fire fueling your power and energizing your passion and self-esteem.  Alternatively, if you need a more serene meditation, you can imagine a flower blooming at your solar plexus, and as it unfolds, allow it to release all of the power, self-worth, and passion you may be missing.

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Alternatively, you can find healing through a more concrete fire—like taking a walk in the sun or sitting by a fireplace or bonfire.  Take in the warmth and power of the fire.

To feel whole, powerful, strong and self-confident, it is very important to balance your Manipura chakra.

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  1. In a jazz dance class in college, the instructor told us the solar plexus was the center of our power. He would have us lay a hand on that area and breathe with eyes closed before we did a combination. It changed the way we moved. Since then, i have felt that was my center.

    1. That’s magical! I love it! Great visualization and very empowering!

  2. Wonderful!! Very insightful and great illustrations !!

    1. Thank you! I did the illustrations myself and I try to put a little extra something into the posts. Glad you liked it!

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