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Lotus for the Throat Chakra; read more about balancing, meaning, meditation and mantra

Throat chakra: meanings, meditation, balancing, mantras and mudra

Lotus for the Throat Chakra; read more about balancing, meaning, meditation and mantraThe Throat Chakra (or Vishuddha Chakra in Sanskrit) is located primarily in the neck, but also encompasses the shoulders, jaw, mouth, and thyroid.  It is the first of the more spiritual chakras, following the Heart Chakra.  The Heart Chakra is a mix between spiritual and physical chakras, with the definitively physical chakras below the heart chakra and the spiritual chakras above.

The throat chakra is associated with sky blue or turquoise-blue and the element of ether or space.  The throat chakra is responsible for sound and expression through sound.  This chakra is also correlated with all kinds of communication.  It can also be associated with finding your purpose and embracing your individuality. Location of the Throat Chakra; read more about balancing, meaning, meditation and mantra It is also related to creativity and turning ideas into reality.  The sacral chakra, which is responsible for creativity and emotion, is closely linked to this function of the throat chakra.  The throat chakra helps us express emotions and creative ideas.  It also helps us express truth, both in terms of finding our truest feelings and finding the strength to share them.  The throat chakra is sensitive to misinformation or unkind words.  Negativity and lies can quickly disrupt the balance of the chakra.

Imbalance of the Throat Chakra

A blocked throat chakra can lead to feelings of uncertainty, or an inability to find your truth.  It can also cause you to be unable to express that truth if you have found it.  A clear, open throat chakra allows you to comfortably and confidently share your feelings, thoughts and ideas.  A blocked throat chakra can manifest itself physically as a sore throat, head ache, tooth ache, neck pain or thyroid problems.  A blocked throat chakra can also manifest emotionally as shyness, fear, lack of creativity, inability to express yourself, or social anxiety.  On the other hand, excessive throat chakra openness can lead you to become overly dominant or manipulative.

Some of the techniques below can help restore balance to the throat chakra.

MudraMudra for the Throat Chakra; read more about balancing, meaning, meditation and mantra

As you prepare to meditate, chant or sing, try this throat chakra mudra.  Interlace your fingers so that the tips come inside the palms.  Connect the tips of the thumbs, reaching slightly up to round the shape of the hands.  Place your connected mudra in your lap, find a comfortable upright seat and then add mantra, meditation or another technique of your choice.


To open the throat chakra, try to bij mantra or seed mantra sound, “ham.”  You can chant it aloud or internally.

If you prefer English, you can try the affirmation, “I speak.”  If you have something specific you want to say, thinking about the words or mood you wish to invoke can also help.


Other ways to engage your throat chakra

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Singing, crying, chanting, laughing, and talking can also help your throat chakra release blockages and open again.  Allow your throat freedom- release and take on these actions fully– laugh with your whole heart, sing with all of the air and volume you can muster, or weep sob and moan.  It’s only for you.

Also, pranayama like Ujjayi breath can help your throat chakra.


Image a blue light in your throat.  Slowly allow that light to emanate out from your throat.  Allow the light to open your airways and your mind.  Allow it to heal you and soothe you.

Alternatively you can imagine releasing your negative feelings on your exhales during a meditation.  Allow yourself to fully feel your feelings, observe them and release them.  Allow yourself to move past feelings that don’t serve you.  Reunite with your truth and your confidence.

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Asanas that stretch the neck are best for the throat chakra, like gently rolling the neck, camel, shoulder stand and fish pose.

Sky Blue

All things blue are helpful for this chakra.  For foods, try blueberries, blue corn or blue-ish sweet potatoes.

Gems include saphires, aquamarine, turquoise, lapis lazuli and blue topaz.

Also, try wearing blue to encourage throat chakra energy.

All About the Throat Chakra: Meditation, Mantra, Mudra, Meaning, and Balancing

The throat chakra is a crucial spiritual force.  Confident self-expression, creativity, and self-understanding are all critical functions of the throat chakra and great reasons to give your throat chakra some extra attention and love.










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Anahata Heart Chakra: balancing, meditations, mudras, mantras and more

Heart Chakra: meanings, meditation, balancing mantras and mudra

Anahata Heart Chakra: balancing, meditations, mudras, mantras and moreThe Heart Chakra (or Anahata Chakra in Sanskrit) is located in the center of your chest, level with your physical heart.  It is the middle of the 7 chakras, with more physical chakras below and more spiritual chakras above.  It is associated with the color green and the element of air.  The heart chakra is responsible for love, warmth, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, kindness and joy.  This chakra utilizes love as a healing force, also bringing unity to your body, mind and spirit.  It can help us to identify our personal truths.


A balanced anahata chakra promotes feelings of empathy and understanding, compassion and respect– both toward others and towards the self.  Also, a balanced heart chakra helps you feel connected to life.

An imbalanced heart chakra can lead to feelings of grief, possibly hanging onto old losses or emotional pains.  Fear and ignorance reign over love.  Imbalance can also manifest physically.  Because the heart chakra is associated with air and located in the chest, pain and illnesses can form in the lungs, chest and heart.

An overly open heart chakra can lead to excessive expectations of others socially or romantically.

MantraHridaya Mudra for the heart chakra, as well as meditation and ideas for balancing

To open the heart chakra, try to bij mantra or seed mantra sound, “Yam.”  You can chant it aloud or internally.

If you prefer English, you can embody an affirmation, “I am open to love” or “All love resides within me.”


To access this chakra, try the Hridaya mudra.  Place the tip of the index finger at the root of the thumb.  Then bring the tips of the middle and ring fingers to meet the thumb.  Keep your pinkie straight. With both hands in the mudra, place them on your knees facing upward.  You can practice this mudra for up to 30 minutes, while focusing on the chest and heart chakra.  The middle and ring fingers are related to the energy channels (nadis) of the heart.  Closing the circuit with the thumb helps release pent-up emotions from the heart.


Find a comfortable seat.  Take a couple of deep breaths to center yourself.  Meditation for balancing the heart chakra as well as other ideas for balancing the anahata chakraThen imagine the world sending you love.  Breath in that love on your inhalation, bringing love to your heart center.  On an exhalation, send that love around your body, letting it spread to every corner of your being, filling you with love.

If your heart chakra is already overly open, you can envision the opposite, pulling love from every corner of your being on your inhalation and on your exhalation, sending it out into the world, sharing it with those who need it most.  If you choose this version remember a candle doesn’t burn out if another candle is lit from it- you can share the love from every bit of your being without losing the love you need for a balanced anahata chakra.

As an alternative meditation, imagine a green light glowing in your heart center.  Let the light ebb and flow- follow it, however it may change, glow or grow.  Focus on it.


Heart-opening asanas help to open the heart chakra as well.  These are poses like camel, bow, dancer and cow-face pose.

GreenLocation of the Anahata chakra as well as balancing, meditations, mantras and mudras

Green foods like spinach, lettuce, kale, lime, and mint can help harness the energies of this chakra.

Green gems like emerald and jade are good for this chakra.

Finding greenery in plants and out in nature can also be a helpful cure for the heart chakra.

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The heart chakra is one of the most important chakras.  Love is so needed in our world, as are compassion and forgiveness.  Also on an individual level, this chakra is the centerpiece that connects the spiritual and physical.  A balanced anahata chakra is essential for your self and your interactions with the world.

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All about the Heart Chakra: mantra, meditation, mudra, asana, meanings, and balancing