Free, Local Yoga in Mandalay

A few people have been asking me about yoga in Mandalay.  I have just left (June 2017) so I’m no longer offering classes.  Aside from yoga in gyms, I do know of one other option.

When I left (though I can’t promise it’s still going on), there was a local Myanmar-Indian yogi giving free, local yoga classes daily at 4:30.  It included some traditional movement-based asana, pranayama, and mantra, and ending in beautiful laughter.

Mandalay yoga class: FREE with a local instructor
*dropped pin is not precise

The tricky thing is how to explain how to get there.  I’ll do my best!  If you’re going up 35 (with the cross streets getting smaller 78…77…), just after 73, you will see Uncle Chan’s beer station on the left.  Turn in to the very next alleyway.  Drive in a bit and on the left you will see a cement wall with an om symbol painted on it.  Turn into the gate and the yoga session will be in the open courtyard just ahead.  If you’re on a motorbike or bicycle, you can park inside the gate by the building on the left.

When I went, everyone was very welcoming.  They made sure we understood what to do.  The instructor stood on a block in the center and gave instructions in Myanmar, but he would come over to explain in English anything that we missed in the Myanmar cues to be sure we could also follow along and enjoy.  He was super nice.

*Warning: It’s not your typical Western spandex-clad high-power vinyasa class.  You’re in for a local-vibe experience for sure.  If you go, do so with an open mind.   Most of the people in attendance were local Myanmar women in baggy clothing.  They shared a very large natural woven mat that they rolled out over the cement patio.  It was good fun, but it helps if you know what you’re getting into.  🙂

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